EOS Records

A Music Label website for a student-run music group organization at Amador Valley High School

During this school year (2022-2023), a student-led music organization led by Sangeet Barkataki and Rohan Prakash needed a website for their music label, EOS Records. We created a website which serves to advertise their music, social media, and latest updates on their musical careers. We have received testimonials of positive... [Read More]


A youth-oriented website that provides information about community activites, services, resources, volunteer opportunities, and the latest news articles about the city.

During this school year (2022-2023), the Amador Valley Web Development Club has been concurrently working with the City of Pleasanton to maintain the ptownlife.org website in order to revamp and redesign into a more modern, user-friendly site. This ongoing project is being led by Youth Activites Coordinator Julian Mireles in... [Read More]

AV Clubs

Centralizes all information about clubs, club-related activities, and club applications

During the last school year (2020-2021) which was virtual, AV Web’s officers noticed that club participation across Amador’s clubs had significantly dropped. By surveying students, we found the root cause of this problem: a lack of knowledge about the dozens of diverse clubs at Amador. To fix this problem, we... [Read More]